We need people who share our values, first and foremost. We need people who are driven by the need to make a difference, have a high regard for the customer and who thrive on team success.

Business Development Managers – BC

At WALKAWAY/Insurance Insight Inc. we take our values very seriously. We look for two things in prospective team members; the required or desired skill sets to do the job and the value fit.  The value fit is paramount, hands down.

We not only believe in what we do, but most importantly, why we do it; we are passionate about what we stand for and we do what it takes to make it work.

Our relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty, respect, fairness and integrity; with our policyholders, dealers, suppliers, partners and with one another.

We are committed to being the best at what we do, creating possibilities and innovative solutions, being unique, providing outstanding service and trying to do the right thing, always.

Working together to achieve a common goal in a collaborative, accountable manner, respecting and recognizing one another’s viewpoints, unique skill sets and knowledge.

This is our P.A.C.T.


A unique setting

Located on the Glen Abbey Golf course, our work environment reflects who we are and our reputation – we stand out in our industry and are highly regarded.

The full package
We offer competitive compensation, benefits, savings program, educational assistance, recognition programs, training, development support and much, much more.

Opportunities for growth
We are growing, and with that comes opportunity for new roles, new experiences and new challenges.